Friday, December 13, 2013


As my kids and I were fitting the last pieces into the puzzle we had been working on for the past couple of days, we got down to the very final three. We all looked around. Where were they? One was in my hand. One was hidden in his hand and one in hers. Laughter erupted as we realized each of us was reserving a piece. We each wanted that sensation of laying the last part of the masterpiece.

It’s the same feeling we get when we are the first to dig into a new jar of peanut butter or the moment your wipers turn on and the snow just falls off, no scraping needed. Or when you plug in the lights on the family’s Christmas tree.

It’s Pleasing.

May the littlest things of life bring you joy 
that when big things happen 
you appreciate the world we live in
instead of blaming it.