Friday, January 24, 2014


What shall I write about today?
Time seems to stand still.
Every night sleepless,
Remembering what I will.
Sarah. Sarah. Sarah.

Come On!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Today I celebrate my 39th birthday. I returned home yesterday to my loving husband after a two week trip. When he asked me what I wanted for a gift, my only thought was, "him." Two weeks away from your loved one will do a couple things for you. One it will make you concupiscent and two it will give you time to step back and reflect on your relationship.

Over the last few years and probably having a lot to do with our age, some of our friends are finding themselves single again. The stories that go along with this new found "freedom" will force married couples to look into their own union. Not just are our single, separated, or divorce friends having a wild time. Our married friends are sharing stories of boredom, frustration, and tales of their stale love lives.

Don't we get married to share our lives with our best friend, have kids, and to have sex everyday? Or was that just me?

Married couples need to 'get theirs'. You're giving "marriage" a bad rap. I took a parenting class sixteen years ago and one of the things I remember them saying was that "the family is the husband and wife and the kids are just welcomed members of that said family." It's time to stop making excuses and start looking inward at the relationship that started it all.

I am a believer in marriage. I don't believe we all have to live by the same rules, but it should be ideal if it's your idea.

Even in 'those shoes' you can get yours.
Kirsty MacColl In These Shoes?