Tuesday, November 19, 2013


My friend and I were driving to Atlantic City for the weekend and she had her iPod hooked up to the car speakers so we could listen to music all the way down. As each song played she’d say, “Oh, this is my favorite song.” or “Oh, I love this song!” After several tracks I finally said, “Of course you love every song, they’re your favorites! It’s YOUR playlist!” We both busted out laughing.

The playlists we put together bring us joy, even comfort. They alter our mood. I love that about music. It can get our adrenaline flowing so we can rock that elliptical.  Relax us so we can fall asleep. It can get us in the mood; to clean the house, for romance or to dance around the kitchen like a badass bitch. Whatever the effect our music has on us, we’ve chosen those songs that bring out something in ourselves.

The same goes for our life choices. We had several choices. We choose. There is no reason to feel sorry for you. Forget this “pity, pity me” crap.  If whatever you choose is no longer serving you, swipe and click the delete button. Maybe you downloaded a song because a friend suggested it or you made a life decision based on what you thought society expected of you. Only you know what’s best for you. You have the power to create your life. You deserve only the best life has to offer. Whether it’s a huge life change that needs to be made or if you’re like me and it’s a $1.29 song you just downloaded, but turns out the lyrics don't particularly speak to you, DELETE IT.  You’re in control.