Thursday, November 14, 2013


We had our first few days of snow this week. I don’t ski, sled, snowshoe or snowmobile. I dislike scraping off the car windows, pouring washer fluid in my car and driving on icy roads. During these next few months the four happiest people and two of the most delighted dogs will be in all their glory: my family. Their wet and muddy shoes, clothes, and equipment will be thrown all over our home. Their paws will leave marks and their wet fur will stink. Our checking account balance will decrease as we purchase all that is needed for them to enjoy the snowy months to the fullest. Our getaways won’t be to sunny beaches but just the opposite, to ski resorts. To top it offthe days will be shorter and the sun will hide in the cloudy cold skies.


I will have no other choice but to make the best of it. So I will. I will drink an extra cup of joe while staring out into the snow globe. I will scrape my windows and fill my washer fluid. ‘I am woman. Hear me roar!’ I will enjoy my time home alone every weekend while my family hits the slopes. I will deep clean my house in a way I cannot do while the kids are at home. I will read, read and read some more as I sit in the lodge every Monday while the kids enjoy time with their friends. I won’t even miss not having access to the Internet there, I will write with pen or pencil. I will light candles. I will soak in my hot bubbly whirlpool. I will find the good in the dead of winter. For I know, the snow will eventually melt into spring.