Monday, September 9, 2013


We’ve all been there, had those thoughts, Dang, that was my idea! I wish I could do that! Whatever that new product, app or idea was, it probably was “yours”, but the difference was, you didn’t ACT! So instead of dwelling on what you missed out on, first congratulate that person because in order to be truly happy you need to learn to celebrate others. Second, move on, start to act on every creative idea you have.

Nine years ago, I was adjusting to my first year of marriage; I was home with a new baby, living in a small/new town and in a small apartment to boot. My husband was living his dream and training for the Lake Placid, Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and 26.2 mile run).  He competed in that Ironman in July of ’04. He finished in the top half of over 2000 tri-athletes. Maybe this doesn’t sound amazing in itself, but if you knew that my husband had never run more than 3 miles in his life and didn’t even know how to swim, and trained for it in one year, it’s simply amazing.


Well that was it. I was inspired to stretch my own limitations. I had no idea where to start until, while on vacation in Boulder, CO, my mom introduced me to the book; You Can Heal Your Life by: Louise L. Hay. Louise talks about listing affirmations for oneself. So, I did just that:

I live in a beautiful timber-frame home.
I drive a fully loaded SUV.
I’m on stage.
I’m on TV

And the list went on…

Not a week went by and I received an email from a local interpreting agency; forwarding on a request from a director seeking Deaf women or sign language interpreters to audition for the lead of Sarah Norman in her production of Children of a Lesser God. I had goose bumps as I immediately sent the director an email asking for the details of the audition. Maybe this doesn’t sound amazing in itself, but if you knew I had never acted before and that I just showed up and auditioned, then you might start to be amazed.

One Deaf woman auditioned that day and two of us interpreters.  “The other interpreter got the part. I’m sorry. She has acting experience.” were the words I heard come out of the director’s mouth. Those words, I didn’t take in, I didn’t accept them.  For some reason, over the following two weeks, I thought that part was still mine. I envisioned myself on that stage, working with those actors and I saw my friends and family in the audience. Then the second call came in. The director called to tell me that the woman she chose wasn’t working out and asked if I would accept the part? “Absolutely!”

Over the next few months, I worked harder than I ever did before. Not only, could I not let myself down (Heck, I asked for this!), I couldn’t let the director, producer, cast or crew down. So even though I felt I was in a dream and a nightmare all at the same time. I carried on and gave it my all! Nine show nights and I never got sick of those standing ovations. What a rush! All the reviews that came out praised the work we were all doing. I have no acting experience and I’m doing this.

We wrapped the show in December that year and it wasn’t till April of the following year, things got even more surreal. I asked my husband if he would check the paper at work and let me know if my friend (the male lead) in Children, got nominated for a Syracuse Area Live Theatre (SALT) Award. He so deserved to be, as he didn’t even know any sign language going into this part and was breathtaking in his portrayal of James Leeds. I was so happy for him that the anticipation for his nomination was all I could think about the days leading up to the announcement. When my husband finally called me that day, I screamed as he read off the nominations: “Best Director: Children of a Lesser God! Best Production: Children of a Lesser God!! Best Actor: Children of a Lesser God!!! BEST ACTRESS.: Children. Of. A. Lesser. God!!!! You, Sarah!” Amazing.

Anything you want to do, you can do. If I can do it, so can you.