Monday, November 4, 2013


Every year around this time I start repeating myself to my kids; "Go upstairs, take a garbage bag, and give what you don't play with anymore to make room for what Santa may bring you." So Friday we spent some time doing just that. I was able to fill two bags of clothes I no longer wear. Actually, I was motivated because I just scored six new dresses and did some early “Christmas shopping” for myself at Victoria’s Secret the day before, so I needed to make room myself. 
Saturday night my husband and I were on a date and we were having our typical date night conversation regarding our 5-yr plan, where/when/if we are going to move, where we want to retire, where we want to travel next.
I can't remember what was said right before this, but my husband asked me, "Sarah are you happy?" 
This too is a conversation starter that we have had on more than one occasion. What is it about me that gives-off the impression I’m not happy? When I reflect on my life I truly want for nothing. I see myself as very fortunate. Happy.
A few years ago my mother was visiting us and my husband who is very affectionate pulled me over for a hug while I was trying to get dinner on the table. I gave him a half-hearted hug and then went on to finish the chore. My husband turned to my mom and joked, “Your daughter isn’t very mushy.” My mom responded, “As a baby Sarah never needed much attention, hugs or kisses. She was always just happy wherever she was with a smile on her face.” This observation about my being was a true “Aha!” moment. She got me. Ultimately my husband does get me too, and more than that, he appreciates my “lets create the life we want, who’s to say we can’t have it all” attitude. It challenges him; the limitations people tend to set for themselves. I am happy where my life is right at this moment.
So why am I always wanting to change things up? Because I can! Why not? If we only live once and we can create our own lives then why are so many people remaining stagnate? Create a vision board today! Put on that board everything you ever wanted. Add to it as your dreams develop. The possibilities of what can be achieved are endless. We live in a world full of abundance, take advantage. Wanting to play the game of life doesn’t mean you’re not happy. It means you are savvy enough to see that there is plenty to go around, so why not take your share.