Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I believe you can have it all. Not in the evil-villain way, of “taking over the world”, but whatever it is you want, you can obtain. Tama Kieves, Author of This Time I Dance! Summed it up when she said, “We live in a world that worships limitations.” Think about it; listen for it the next time you're talking to someone. Money and negative thoughts about it, is one of the major limitations we put on ourselves.

“I can’t afford that.”
“I’m broke.”
“That’s to expensive.”

So, I have this habit when I talk to people, in my head when something negative comes out of their mouth, I immediately change those words around in my mind to what they should be saying:

“I’m going to buy this.”
“I’m rich.”
“I can afford it.”

When my kids were younger, I shopped for them at Gymboree. I thought their lines of clothing were adorable. The quality of the material was top notch. They held up through several washes without losing their color or shape and they still looked like new when I handed them down to friends and family.

I had a girlfriend who almost always made a comment about my kid’s clothes when she saw us. I never even noticed what her kids wore. I loved her kids. They were always clean and their clothes matched. I never gave their wardrobe much thought, but she seemed to be bewildered about my children’s wardrobe. She’d make comments like, “Wow! Is that Gymboree?” “Isn’t that store expensive?” “I’ve never been there.” “I shop at Old Navy/Target for the kids, the prices are more reasonable.”

Now, I could have taken her comments as judgment and felt insecure or questioned myself on how I spent our money. Instead, I saw what was going on. I was open to quality and nice things for my kids. (Even on a one-income family budget.) I looked for opportunities for the things I want. I stopped into Gymboree every time I was at the mall. I’d go straight to the back of the store and grab all the best bargains on the sales rack. I’d even stock-up if it was a great deal and shop a size bigger than my kids were even into yet. I’d be paying the same price as I would at the other stores.

She on the other hand, never even thought to STEP INTO the store! In her mind she was limited. She “couldn’t afford it”.

Stop limiting yourself. You too, CAN HAVE IT ALL. You just have to walk through the door and see the opportunities. We live in a world of ABUNDANCE. Maybe it’s not adorable, quality clothing you desire. Maybe you want an Audi TT? Stop in the dealership and check them out. You never know, maybe it’ll be the day they’re giving one away.