Thursday, September 19, 2013


When you’re enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It’s very simple. –Paulo Coelho

Positive energy builds a positive community.

I went to school to become a sign language interpreter. I worked as an interpreter for several years before my husband and I decided we’d serve our family better by my staying home. This shift in my life gave me an opportunity to reevaluate my passions.

Most people go to work for the paycheck. They may be great at what they do, but is it something they’d choose to do over “their dream job”? 

If you listed all the things you were passionate about and all of your hobbies, is there one thing on that list you’re getting paid to do? If not, act! You could start working towards a career change today and in the meantime volunteer your free time doing something your enthusiastic about.

Obtain a positive energy flow.

I’m passionate about: Education, Politics, and Energy Work.

My hobbies are: Entertaining, Public speaking, and Travel.

Looking at my list I guess my ideal job for pay would be an International Educational Lobbyist or at least playing one on T.V.  I’m going to have to see if such an opportunity exist and is available. Until, I obtain that job, I will continue to volunteer my free time to each of these areas. This is exactly how I’m been able to sustain a positive energy flow in my own life: teaching, advocating for students, acting, public speaking, traveling, working on campaigns, writing, and the list goes on.

Try this! List your passions and your hobbies. If you’re not getting paid to do what’s on your list, then volunteer your time doing something that excites you... until you're raking in the big bucks. The saying isn’t ‘take care of your own’, it’s “It takes a village”. Give back. It’s a WIN WIN!