Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I love the song that Bill Callahan of SMOG sings, called Dress Sexy at My Funeral. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI-9fGEgAcY 
It speaks to me on so many different levels. For one, it’s hot. These have to be some of the greatest lyrics of all time.

A disc jockey friend of mine first introduced me to the song, when I was in college. I could only see the sexiness of the song at that time. I’m a sucker for a baritone.

Today, as a married woman of 10-years, I can hear the raw love in the lyrics. The couple in the song obviously has a sense of humor, shared a few inside jokes, and apparently had a pretty adventurous sex life.  

The husband chooses the timing of his funeral to let everyone “in”, on why the marriage was such a great one. His voice is unemotional and a matter of fact. I love it! With a little bit of tongue and cheek, after he praises his wife for their successful marriage, he gifts her with his approval to carry on. The song is brilliant.

Marriage is evolving like everything else. I always love to see long-time married couples interviewed. You know, the ones that have been married for 50-60+ years. When they are asked, “What’s the secret?” they all seem to give the same answers: “laugh, don’t go to bed angry, hold hands… But, the best part of those interviews is the twinkle in each of their eyes, that certain something that neither of them is going to share; it’s their SECRET.

I believe you too; can create your marriage, just as you wish it to be. We can save ourselves from unhappiness and/or divorce. Look at Carrie and Mr. Big in the movie Sex In The City 2, it works for them to spend one night a week apart. I know they’re just characters, but I think it proves marriages are evolving and society is recognizing it. People have often made comments to me about my marriage, guess what:

My husband works. I stay home.
We travel together. We travel alone.
I sweep. He mops. I cook. He cleans.
We dance, as if no one else is in the room.
We spend money on activities that make us happy.
We hold hands.
We’ve gone to bed angry.
And yes, we too have our own SECRETS of SUCCESS.

With the absence of abuse: I believe your marriage can be anything you want it to be. Don’t wait till your divorce to create the life you want to have. There’s something to “growing old together."