Monday, September 16, 2013


So many times in life we find ourselves conflicted. I’ve been accused of “talking out of both sides of my mouth.” It’s a gift. I can see both sides to every issue. I may lean one-way or another, but I’m able to empathize and relate to others. I can argue both points of view as well. I don’t believe I can necessarily change another person’s core beliefs, but if you’re open to the “impossible” maybe something you hear will get in.

Last night, I had an insignificant conflict. My oldest son and I were home alone. I sat with him and watched football. I have zero interest in sports, but I gave in and let him control the entertainment for the night. We watched the New York Giants play the Denver Broncos. Just to be silly, I posted a Facebook status stating I was conflicted on whom I should be rooting for. Denver, because I lived there for ten years or New York because that’s the state I reside in now. Of course, I choose the Broncos because their colors are orange and blue. If I’m forced to root for one team or another I typically lean towards the colors of my alma mater. Most comments on my status agreed and suggested that I root for Denver. They won! I totally manifested that. 

More often, we find ourselves conflicted on more important issues than football. Sometimes we may need guidance on what to do next. Currently, I’m reading the book, E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality. Everyone needs to read this book, written by Pam Grout. Pam teaches the reader to seek specific results for ones life. Positive thinking and manifesting can change your life. I have been seeking answers and asking for specific signs for years. I have found great comfort in doing so. You too have the power to ask, seek, and see.

When I was 19 years old, I lived with six other girls in a penthouse in Denver, CO. I was heavily involved in a church and had a huge circle of friends there. There was a new guy at our church who played football for Colorado University in Boulder. Every roommate and friend I had, wanted to date him. For some reason, he sought me out. He called me nightly, sat by me during service, and continuously asked me out on dates. I really wasn’t sure if I was that into him. There was so much hoopla surrounding his "fame". I had NO interest in football and I believe that’s why he may have been attracted to me; I saw him for him, and not for his position on a football team.

I was conflicted though, as I didn’t want to lead him on and keep accepting his invitations to dates, if I didn’t return his affection. So, I asked for a sign. I told God, if I’m suppose to continue to date him that he bring me one yellow rose the next time I saw him. (When you read E-Squared, you’ll learn how to ask for specifics and give time limits.) I did just that and sure enough, didn’t he bring me one perfect yellow rose.

The power we each possess to create our lives and the guidance that is available to us though our high power is real. Tap into it.